Three golden rules for writing a CV

Three Golden Rules to get you started on writing a CV/Resume

  1. Triple check to make sure that the document looks consistent in layout and has no spelling mistakes;
  2. Tweak and adapt your documents for every application to match the vacancy as much as possible;
  3. Put yourself in the reader’s position to determine which information is redundant and which information actually characterises you and helps the employer understand you are the right candidate.

What would the employer want you to include?
Keep in mind that employers are looking to see what you could do for them based on the requirements of the position available. Therefore the best thing you can do is to give them relevant and tailored information that they can quickly understand. One trick is to highlight the verbs or skills that are asked for in the vacancy text. Then think of situations where you gained this experience or can show that interest and do not forget that transferable skills count. That means that you may have trained the same skill in a completely different setting.

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