Make your CV stand out!

How do you make sure your CV stands out on a huge pile of CV's?

You can stand out by having a great experience, but also by having a CV that immediately shows that you would fit in at the organisation. Personal profiles, pictures and creative layouts are used for this reason. These are all optional and should only be used if they suit you and the field you apply in.

  • The personal profile (which comes after your personal/contact information) should capture your character and motivation in just a few lines. Think of it as your personal brand or elevator pitch. It can work as a ‘teaser’ making people curious about the rest of your CV. 
  • Some employers love seeing your picture because it helps them build and image, others find it distracting. When choosing for a picture always make sure that it is recent and shows you as a friendly person, dressed like you would be at work, not on holidays. 
  • Are you looking for a job in the creative industry and claim to be original? Then it does not make sense to send in a CV in black and white, Times New Roman. Ensure that your CV remains easy to read though (also if the colourful design is printed in black and white).

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