How do I write a perfect CV?

Do you want to learn some more about how to make your CV look perfect, read this blogpost quickly!

The most important thing in an application procedure is your CV, so make sure your CV is perfect. Here are some tips:

  • Rule of thumb in the Netherlands is that CVs should not be longer than two pages. Some employers prefer one-page CVs and may ask for those.  When in doubt: if you can produce a one-page CV that is easy to read and contains all relevant information that may be a great call. If you feel pressed for space and need to leave out important information then use the two pages you are allowed to.
  • While personal information is always the first category and education should be next for a starter, you can play around a bit with the other categories so that the most relevant information is as high up on your CV as possible.
  • Within each category write down the entries in reverse chronological order: starting with what ended most recently and work your way back in time. Write all dates on the left hand side of the document.
  • With experience, focus on what you have done yourself rather than what the overall team effort was. Or include for instance what you learned in that position. 
  • Where possible, quantify your efforts or show the results. 
  • Ensure that the document looks neat, consistent and has enough white space to facilitate quick scanning. Also make sure its layout matches that of your motivation letter.

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