Do’s and don’ts at a career fair

Navigating a fair can be quite tricky. Even more so when it is difficult knowing the do’s and don’ts in Dutch business culture. Here are some tips:

  • Always…. do your homework;)
    Check the DDB website to know which employers you can expect at the fair. Read up on what these organisations do. Visit their websites and check the career section.

  • NEVER ask what a company does
    First impressions matter and walking around asking ‘So, what is it that your company does?‘ leaves a different impression than: I read you do XYZ, could you tell me more about that?’.

  • Always bring your CV
    Bring your CV but do not urge people to take it. Ask them whether they would be interested in seeing your CV or would rather have that you e-mail it to them later. You just created a connection J

  • Prepare questions
    ‘Are you hiring?’ is too direct. Sicking to small talk is not appreciated either. Find our who you are talking to ( HR/ engineer?) Ask some informed and specific questions to get the conversation started and then ask what you need to know. 

  • Prepare a personal pitch
    Introduce your name, study and feel free to also tell something about your strengths, interests and ask to connect…for future reference perhaps. 

  • Talk to people: take initiative
    Feel free to walk up to people and introduce yourself but wait your turn when necessary.

  • Suit up!
    Present your most professional self to leave a great impression.

More tips? Check the Career Toolkit of TU Delft Career Centre