Stories to inspire

In deze blogpost lees je meer over ervaringen van Aron Kahn en Carmen Goméz Mena en hoe Delft Career Days geholpen heeft met het vinden van hun eerste baan en stageplek.

Aron Kahn

Industrial Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin Netherlands

At the time I visited DCD, I had finished my master's degree six months ago. I had a one-year contract to work as a researcher at TU Delft, but I had to find a job for when I finished. I knew I wanted a job where I could be active in the non-polluting chemical industry, but what precisely, I did not know yet.

During the Orientation Days I first spoke with my future colleagues. The interaction was immediately pleasant. As a result of that conversation and the broadness of the company, I registered for the Coffee Dates and was invited to do so. Still enthusiastic, I went to the In-House Days and after that I applied for a job.

I have enjoyed working at Bilfinger Tebodin for over a year now. It is a challenging job in a nice environment. I advise everyone to visit DCD to expand your horizons and get the feeling of the company you may want to work at.

Aron Kahn

Carmen Goméz Mena

Intern at Toyota

I had to find an internship before September of my next year, because it was mandatory for my masters. This was very hard to do all on my own. This is the reason I applied for ‘Delft Career Days’. I found that the Orientations Days were the perfect opportunity to talk to many different companies.

On the first Day I came across Toyota and our journey together started there. Toyota both had people from HR and engineers on the Orientation Days. This was nice, because you could talk about the whole company as well as the specifics of the projects. I wanted to know more about this internship, so I applied for the Coffee Dates. Luckily, I was invited for a cup of coffee. Here I got some more information about the company and working there. My interviewer was once a student at TUDelft as well and she is now my mentor.

This year I am attending ‘Delft Career Days’ once again, this time to find a job. Putting yourself out there is a good exercise to understand what you want. With the many possibilities of DCD I am beyond doubt that I will find what I am looking for.

Carmen Goméz Mena