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International, innovative, flexible and… orange! 

ING, the leading Dutch bank for digital banking. 

You’ll know us through our mobile banking app that lets you carry out all your bank transactions yourself. And you’ll probably know us as the main sponsor of multiple sports and culture initiatives such as the Rijksmuseum and Dutch football. 
Our products include savings, payments, investments, loans and mortgages in most of our retail markets. For our Wholesale Banking clients, we provide specialized lending, tailored corporate finance, debt and equity market solutions, sustainable finance solutions, payments & cash management and trade and treasury services.} Customer experience is what differentiates us and we’re continuously innovating to improve it. We also partner with others to bring disruptive ideas to market faster.

Our more than 60,000 employees serve around 37 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries.  

We help our customers to stay one step ahead, in both their private and professional lives. The same goes for our own people, of course. Their wellbeing is our top priority. We make sure everyone can feel good about themselves and maintain a good work-life balance.


We serve more than 38 million customers in around 40 countries. To understand our customers we need a workforce that's as diverse as they are. As a result, all study backgrounds are welcome at ING! Did you know we have many TU Delft alumni working in every aspect of the bank?

Requirements for an internship:
- Valid proof of enrollment at a Dutch university for the duration of the internship. (Enrollment at an EU university is also allowed for EU-passport holders).
- Ability to hand over a VOG (Dutch) or Certificate of Good Conduct (non-Dutch)

Starting positions
Requirements vary per vacancy

International Talent Programme
- Masters' degree (MSc) relevant to the track​
- Work- and/or internship experience relevant to the track​
- No more than 2 years of work experience​
- Extracurricular experience i.e., voluntary work, own companies, board years, etc.​
-Experience abroad through exchange, internship, voluntary work, etc.​
- Fluency in English (additional fluency in Dutch for Retail Banking track)

Tech Class
- Technical Master
- Preference for Computer Science, Information Technology or related.​
- Strong software development skills, coding included​
- No more than 2 years of work experience​
- Passion for information technology​
- English language proficiency


Not yet ready to graduate but interested in really getting to know what it’s like to work at ING? It’s possible to do an internship: the ideal opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, start to build up your own network, and learn about many different aspects of business.

Starting positions
Start your career in one of our starter positions and discover many ways to develop your talents and get to know new people. Every year, ING gives hundreds of young people a fantastic career boost.

Check our website for open positions which vary daily.

International Talent Programme
Our International Talent Programme prepares talent for a future role, for example as a portfolio manager, Chapter lead running your own engineering team or even become the next CEO. This two-year programme lets you shape your career the way you want:

You start with three rotations, of which you can even do one abroad, if circumstances allow. These rotations are within the track you applied for, but you can do one rotation outside of your track.
The 9 tracks of the ITP are: Risk, Tech, Analytics, Operations & Change, Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Business Banking, HR, Finance.

After 1.5 year you will start a permanent job. You will start working, for example, as a Product Owner, Junior Market Risk Manager, Portfolio Manager or DevOps Engineer.

During the traineeship you will receive training focused on personal, professional, relational and organizational development.

You will also receive guidance from management, a mentor and your trainee manager to get the most out of yourself.

Tech Class
Our Tech class is a one year programme for Tech graduates​ which gives you the opportunity to get a smooth transition from academic life to working as an Tech engineer. You start with three rotations and completes the programme with a innovative group assignment and a fixed contract.

You will also receive guidance from experienced IT engineers, a coach in the first year, weekly meetings and monthly workshops on technical subjects.

Want to know more? Of course you do! Go to or email


You can easily apply for one of our starter positions by sending your CV and motivation. Once you get selected, the department will set up an interview. Some departments require you to make an assessment, for example, the model Risk department.

Starting positions
You can easily apply for one of our starting positions by sending your CV and motivation. Once you get selected, the department will set up an interview.

International Talent Programme
Once you've decided which track is right for you, it's simply a question of applying for the ING traineeship and convincing us of your potential. Below a general outline of the selection procedure:
- Step 1: Evaluation of your curriculum vitae, motivational questions and qualifications
- Step 2: Online Assessment
- Step 3: HR Interview
- Step 4: Business Panel Interview
We work with two selection cycles with different start dates (April and October). Once you've completed all the steps successfully, you'll receive a permanent contract and be welcomed aboard as an ING trainee.

Tech Class
It's simply a question of applying for the Tech Class and convincing us of your potential. Below a general outline of the selection procedure:
- Step 1: Evaluation of your curriculum vitae, motivational questions and qualifications. After you're selected you receive a phone call to check you application and English skills.
- Step 2: Capability test to prove your codility skills
- Step 3: Selection day