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We Are Engineers with a Passion to Build.

We design, build, maintain and manage complex capital investment projects for leading companies in a variety of industries. With more than 62,000 employees performing work on six continents, Fluor is one of the world's leading engineering & construction companies.

Fluor is active in various industries, including: Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Infrastructure and Life Sciences.

Fluor's main execution center for the Europe, Africa & Middle East region is located in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Together with offices in Bergen op Zoom, and Rotterdam, Fluor in The Netherlands employs 1,000 technical and non-technical professionals.

With the acquisition of Stork in early 2016, Fluor has expanded its asset integrity management and maintenance capabilities. This acquisition fits the Fluor philosophy to provide fit-for-purpose solutions in the entire services chain, from early idea conception to turn-key delivery and beyond.

Curious about our projects? Watch our project videos on


Working for Fluor is synonymous to working on challenging projects in multidisciplinary teams. In order to be successful it is important you are communicative and that you enjoy collaboration.

As deadlines are often tight, you will also need a result-oriented approach, as well as the ability to perform well during periods of high work pressure.

Safety is of vital importance in this industry. In order to meet our requirements, we need people who are concerned with delivering high quality.

You have an entrepreneurial mind: you see opportunities, and enjoy showing initiative. The amount of collective knowledge in Fluor is vast. It requires you connecting with Fluor colleagues across the world to gain access to all the information you need.

It is to be expected that at various points in your career you will have to go on a business trip to a client or project site. You may even be assigned to another office or external site for a longer period of time. You therefore enjoy traveling and seek to gain international experience.


A Fluor career is like a tailor-made suit: the exact fit depends on your performance, capabilities, and ambitions.

You can work on deepening your knowledge in a specific area, but it is also possible to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, even outside your own discipline. We need both specialists and managers and everything in between.

We are there to help you along the way. But, your career path ultimately depends on you: on your talents, skills and your drives.


Once you have been selected as a candidate, you will be invited for a number of application rounds.
During these rounds you will meet with our recruiters and the hiring manager, and possibly even future team members.

You can apply via our website ( or send in an open application to Nazia Dinmohamed or Neha Paliwal via